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 Sioux equipment manufactures a complete line of water heaters and pumping units for the concrete processing         industries. Typical applications are units for batch water heating in the ready mix and pre cast products industries.      Heating units are available in both stationary and portable trailer mount designs. In addition to above, complete line of    all electrical units with E.T.L certification and explosion proof hazardous location requirements are available.


 Gamajet's Rotating Tank Cleaning Heads (aka Spinners) are utilized within Peacock cleaning systems. They are efficient and economical. Optional utilization is achieved with proper sizing and material compatibility after fluid conditions are determined. Units are available for high pressure low volume single pass and medium flow re - circulating solutions, suitable for use in chemical, food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, and bulk transport applications. Please contact us to discuss specific applications.


 FMC is a leading pump manufacturer for industrial, sewer, petroleum, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


RFG is a leading manufacturer of environmental products. The product line provides complete systems for storm water run - off, pre - treatment systems for sewer discharge, closed loop water reclamation, air and food purification and  thermal oxidization evaporators. Each customer application is unique. Peacock Company, Inc., provides field location consultation to determine needs with an economical solution.